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What is AfterWills® ?

Our unique AfterWills® Digital Afterlife service gives you the control and power to decide what happens to your Digital Assets when you pass away that are not covered by a traditional Will. The AfterWills system lets you decide exactly what happens to each and every digital asset you have, be it a website, photo, video recording, website logins, online accounts – everything in your online life. You can have it sent to one person, or a collection of people, or indeed have it closed so no one can access it, it’s up to you.

Your digital wishes are only processed when your two appointed digital executors enter their secure 16 digit code into our system on your passing ensuring that no one person can action your digital wishes before the right time. All of your data is securely stored in an encrypted state that not even our staff can decipher it. All data is also backed up to a separate location ensuring there is always a secure backup of your data.

Continually update your digital assets and decide what will happen to your digital assets and who will receive them including Website logins, documents, Photos, Videos, Emails Obituary, and any other digital assets you have. AfterWills has been produced by lawyers and legal experts ensuring your legacy and digital afterlife are handled professionally at every stage.

No prior experience in the Wills and Legal Market is necessary; you can work from home or your office, on a full or part time basis. As one of our Partners you will be responsible for marketing your business while we provide the  processing and production and all back office and support services.

Income Potential

When you join us as an AfterWills Partner you will receive 80% of all sales made in your business, ensuring quick, consistent and strong growth. It is in our interest to help you grow, we provide all the support and tools you need to do this, and you getting the lions share of your sales revenue is a vital part of it.

You can create an ongoing and recurring income for you and your family by selling your clients our monthly plan as well as other add ons through the website that we provide you with. This provides you with an ongoing income; the best income you can make is the one you make when you are sleeping.

We do not set targets; you are free to develop the business at your own pace allowing you to grow how and when you want.

As an AfterWills Partner we provide you with:

• Your own Co-Branded Website www.WillsForever.com
• AfterWills.com Digital AfterLife
• AfterWills.com Will Writer
• Sales Monitoring login to review your sales and enquiries
• Training Manual , Tactical Plan and Unlimited Support
• Back office support. marketing and business advice
• All services covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance
80% of sales paid to you monthly
• Transferable and sellable business

FREE Access to our numerous Online Marketing Training Documents
FREE Access to our Social Media Manager to manage your Social Media Marketing
FREE Hosting
FREE Business. Marketing and Technical Support by email and phone

If you require any further information please contact us, or request further information here :  AfterWills Opportunity


“Very efficient and very helpful thanks again x”


“Prompt,efficient & kept me informed & updated. Would recommend to anyone. 😀”


“A very genuine seller, very helpful! I recommend him to anyone and everyone!”

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– This is a monthly subscription product which you are free to stop at any time
– All subscriptions are payable by Credit or Debit Card Only
– Domains and site files will remain on our servers for reasons of security and intellectual property
– You will be paid sales commission of 80% for new and recurring revenue on the 20th of the Month as long as you are a subscriber
– Unlimited Support is provided by email and telephone
– AfterWills is a property and trademark owned by TAG Online Ltd
– This is a digital product and once your subscription is active there will be no refunds
– All other product and sales particulars form part of the operating agreement between TAG Online Ltd and the subscriber